Vehicle Graphics

Premier Printing & Signs Ltd. was founded with the goal of offering our clients with the very best in print materials and signage in the greater Hamilton area, and this includes vehicle graphics. Our vehicle graphics provides a great "on-the-move" and economical source of advertising for your company's products and services. Our team of sign and print professionals strive to design and apply customized vehicle graphics using high-quality materials that provide outstanding durability which stand the test of time. We can print vehicle graphics to match any style of vehicle:

  • Cars
  • Vans
  • Trucks
  • Buses
  • Trailers
  • Recreational vehicles (boats, snowmobiles etc.)
  • Service vehicles (fork lifts, cranes etc.)
  • And more

We can apply vehicle graphics to one vehicle, or an entire fleet of vehicles! Premier Printing & Signs Ltd.'s low prices allow us to price our vehicle graphics services at affordable rates, effectively saving you money. We can also save you time as we are a full-service print material and sign supply company; we design, copy, print, manufacture, distribute and install all the branding and advertising solutions that you require to successfully operate your business. Our vehicle graphics are available in a variety of formats to meet your needs and budget:

Vehicle lettering

In order to advertise your businesses products and services in a simple and cost-effective manner, then perhaps vehicle lettering is what your company's vehicles require. Vehicle lettering is the best way to quickly turn a regular, everyday vehicle into a professional looking work vehicle. By applying your company's name and contact information directly onto your vehicles, you have turned them into a portable method of marketing. When potential clients see your stylish vehicle lettering, they will be given the impression that your business is a specialized, qualified, and expert organization. Vehicle lettering not only gives your vehicle a professional appearance, but allows for flexibility and a terrific chance to increase your customer reach. The professional sign and print experts at Premier Printing & Signs Ltd. can design, produce and place custom vehicle lettering on any type of vehicle. Our vehicle lettering is effective and durable, holding up against the toughest of exterior conditions that your vehicle may face, while allowing you to take full advantage of your vehicles advertising potential.

Premier Printing & Signs Ltd.'s vehicle lettering is manufactured from only the highest-grade materials including ultra-gloss, adhesive vinyl. Our vehicle lettering is available in both permanent and re-usable styles, which can easily and quickly be replaced should your company's contact information change. Our team of in-house graphic designers will design your vehicle lettering to reflect your business logo and colours for a top-quality and aesthetically pleasing appearance. Take advantage of all of the visible areas of your vehicle, by applying Premier Printing & Signs Ltd.'s vehicle lettering anywhere, including your vehicles body or rear window. We are also capable of producing custom magnetic and vinyl vehicle decals for a variety of vehicle advertising options. Adding a sleek, professional look to your vehicles with a seamless vehicle lettering display from Premier Printing & Signs Ltd.'s creates a perfect promotional solution! Trust our signage and print material experts for low prices and superior results that meet your expectations and budget; get in touch with us today to learn more about our vehicle lettering, or other vehicle graphics services such as vehicle wraps.

Vehicle graphics

At Premier Printing & Signs Ltd., we design, manufacture and apply vehicle graphics to a variety of different styles of business vehicles in and around Hamilton. Our larger-than-life vehicle graphics turn vehicles into rolling billboards that leave thousands of lasting impressions on a daily basis. One of the most cost-effective form of advertising that money can buy, our vehicle graphics will get your company noticed day in and day out, whether your vehicle is parked, sitting in rush hour traffic, or zipping through city streets. Our vehicle graphics are available in a range of different sizes, colours and styles to suit your specifying company needs:

  • Partial vehicle wraps; covers 1/3, 1/2 or 3/4 of your vehicle in full-colour vinyl
  • Vinyl vehicle lettering; used for call-to-action, branding or identification
  • Die-cut car decals; and affordable logo and lettering advertising option
  • Vehicle magnets; reusable, they're great for use as temporary advertising on your vehicle
  • Rear window graphics; covers all or any part of your vehicles glass

Vehicle graphics are a smart promotional material investment, as they are highly visible to everyone and a great way to draw attention to your business. Let Premier Printing & Signs Ltd. handle all of your vehicle graphics needs; get in touch with our friendly and skilled print and sign specialists to learn more, and don't forget to ask about our other vehicle graphic services, and print material and signage products and services!

Vehicle wraps

Did you know that an average company vehicle makes approximately 16 million visual impressions on the public per year? Why not take advantage of this opportunity, and turn your businesses vehicles into rolling billboards with the use of our partial vehicle wraps? Premier Printing & Signs Ltd. can turn your company’s vehicles into colourful, eye-catching forms of transportation and advertising! Your single vehicle or entire fleet can become an effective promotional platform from which to display your products and services 24 hours a day. Reflecting your business style and brand, our partial vehicle wraps provide your company the marketing advantage it needs in today’s highly competitive and ever-changing marketplace. Premier Printing & Signs Ltd.’s partial vehicle wraps cover 1/3, 1/2 or 3/4 of your vehicle (windows optional).

Manufactured from durable, coloured vinyl, our partial vehicle wraps are able to withstand extreme environments such as cold, heat, sun, snow, rain, hail and sleet. Our partial vehicle wraps are the perfect way to make sure you’re advertising your company in a professional, unified manner. Put the power of your cars, trucks, trailers, vans or other vehicles to work for your business, with the application of Premier Printing & Signs Ltd.’s partial vehicle wraps. Our partial vehicle wraps offer effective advertising with a lower cost per impression value than other traditional forms of advertising. A one-time payment for our mobile partial vehicle wraps will provide you with more advertising exposure than a costly and stationary billboard that only adds to your company’s monthly marketing budget. Let the professional team of sign and print experts at Premier Printing & Signs Ltd. create and install your partial vehicle wraps to help your business successfully expand it’s reach and gain new clients. Contact us to order your perfect partial vehicle wrap, and to learn more about our other vehicle graphics, signage and printing solutions!

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